Eagleflex Abrasives Company

Eagleflex Abrasives Inc. was founded in 1994 in Hebron city as a private shareholding company registered with the Companies Controller in the Ministry of National Economy in Ramallah under number (562 417 469) which is specialized in the manufacture of cutting and grinding discs of iron, stone and stainless steel and other materials in all sizes and specifications.

The company is a result of cooperation between Jelanco Company for Trade and Industry and the American company United Flex Inc. Under this cooperation the company obtained the science and knowledge necessary techniques and technology required for this industry. Since the first day of production  Eagleflex  started to compete with international companies in their
products in terms of quality and price, which gained wide approval especially at the level of
neighboring countries such as Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Arabian Gulf market.

The export ratio exceeded 72% of its production capacity reaching 572,000 pieces per month covering Turkey, the United States and a number of countries in Europe. It’s the only company of its kind in Palestine, in addition to being unique to the neighboring countries. The number of employees exceeds fifty workers. Eagleflex Inc. holds several certificates in quality such as international standards ISO 9002 and Palestinian certification specifications and many certificates of appreciation from home and abroad. The management works on the continued development and improvement of the company to keep abreast of any developments in the industry and to meet the needs of the market requirements in all of its forms in order to achieve an honorable and successful industry in Palestine despite any obstacles.