Coated abrasives are manufactured in a wide variety of types,
shapes, dimensions, and qualities. They are extremely effective for grinding, resizing, finishing, polishing, cleaning, buffing, deburring, and smoothing all kinds of materials.
Description :

  • Grain type:  AO “Aliminium Oxide”  -  ZC “Alumina Zirconia” Backing:  X-Cotton
  • Grit range:   36 - 400

Grit Range:

Material Used :

  • AO “Aliminium Oxide” : used for : Iron, mild steel welding rods, cast iron, Aluminum and nonferrous metals, polyester, wood.
  • ALUMINA ZIRCONIA: Stainless steel, high alloyed steel (medium and high pressure rinding of polywood), chipboard and MDF plates.
  • Silicon carbide.

Size are avaible upon request.