A-Aluminum Oxide
Code: A 24 R -BF

  • Long life.
  • Excellent at removing access metals.
  • Fast steel cutting.
  • Used for cast iron and welds.
  • For pneumatic and electric right angle grinders.

metal steel cutting flat.png



Thin cut-off wheels

A-Aluminum Oxide
Code: A 24 R-BF

  • Thin cut-off wheels give maximum mobility.
  • Cutting capacity on standard portable machines. 
  • High performance for cutting metal.
  • Used for steel mesh, stainless steel and Aluminum.
  • Higher cutting speed, faster than other discs.
  • Reduce waste while working on steel cutting edge.



High Speed cut-off Wheel
Aluminum Oxide

Code: A 24 R BF

  • Used on portable petrol-driven or electrically driven, high-speed machines.
  • Designed to cut structural steel, pipe, tubing, angle iron, metal bars, and other ferrous metals such as steel.











Stationary Saw Blades

Aluminum Oxide

Code: A 24 R BF

Designed to cut structural steel solids, pipe and tubing.
Double-reinforced cut-off wheels for stationary saws are the
economical way to burr-free cutting.



Aluminum and Non-ferrous Metals

Code: ALU 36 N BF

The perfect blend of brown and white Aluminum oxide results in making these special wheels for cutting Aluminum and non-ferrous metals.