White Aluminum Oxide
Code:WA 24 S -BF

  • Long life.
  • Excellent at removing access metals.
  • Can be used on stainless steel and steel.
  • Contaminate-free.
  • Used for:
    - Specially made for foodgrade and nuclear plants iron.
    - High tensile sheets.
    - Mild steels.
    - Tool steels concrete reinforcing.



Thin cut-off Wheel 

WA-White Aluminum Oxide
Code: WA 36 S-BF

  • Thin cut-off wheels give maximum mobility.
  • Cutting capacity on standard portable machines. 
  • High performance for cutting metal.
  • Used for steel mesh, stainless steel and Aluminum.
  • Higher cutting speed, faster than other discs.
  • Reduce waste while working on steel cutting edge.

Best for standard portable machines and metal profile such as steel mesh, stainless steel, and Aluminum .