Zirconia  Velcro Disc

Code: ZA

Has velcro backing for easy and secure attachment. The discs have general purposes,variety of materials. The Zirconia grit coating has excellent cutting properties, which together with the pliable paper backing achieve`s flexibility and an efficient sanding operation.

The semi-open grit coating reduces loading on the product when sanding clogs materials. Grits P150 – P600 are additionally treated with a stearate coating which further minimize`s dust load and contributes to an improved surface finish .

Uses :

  • Sanding for multipurpose materials.
  • Excellent for repairing and automotive industry.


Description :

Backing: D/C/B-wt paper with loop velour. P40-P80: D-wt paper; P100-P150: C-wt
paper; P180-P600: B-wt paper.

  • Bonding: resin over resin.
  • Grit: Zirconia.
  • Coating: semi-open.
  • Special coating: stearate on P150 – P600.

Grit Range:


Velcro Disc are available in the following sizes:

  • 100mm X 16mm (4” x 5/8”)
  • 115mm X 22mm (4.5” x 7/8”)
  • 125mm X 22mm (5” x 7/8”)
  • 150mm X 22mm (6” x 7/8”)
  • 180mm X 22mm (7” x 7/8”)