Eagleflex Abrasives Co. is dedicated to provide its valued customers with the standard products which possess the approved and standardized level of quality and can meet the customers requirements.


The higher management  is dedicated to implement the rules , regulations , and requirements of ISO9001:2015 system with all requirements and related  local quality standards where applicable , and take its responsibility to  continuous communication and coordination with the relevant local institutions.

The company management represented by the General Manager is committed to enhance the working staff capabilities in terms of supporting their abilities to implement the quality standards system of the ISO9001:2015 , which need to ensure that every employee in the company should be aware about this system every one as per his / her role in the productivity process.
The higher management of Eagleflex Abrasives Co. is committed to provide with all the needs and necessary requirements to ensure the implementation of the the quality standard ISO9001:2015 , and maintain its continuous  effectiveness.
Eagleflex Abrasives Co. is  always seeking continuous development in the ISO9001:2015  quality standard performance to fulfill the customers needs.And also the management is committed to continuous communication with the suppliers to obtain the necessary raw materials to keep the satisfaction of the quality and according to the specifications of identified products by the technical  staff  inside the company , and is committed to continuous  communication with the clients through their comments or claims on the company products .
The higher management is committed to review and evaluate the  quality policy and its aims at least each 6 months , and to specify the possible development opportunities in the policy and the purposes of quality which  can meet the higher management trends. The higher management and all the employees in Eagleflex Abrasives Co. are  totally committed in any time to offer the compliance with company policy towards the quality , through the consideration of all internal and external issues which affects the performance of the managing of quality policy , as well as providing  all needs and requirements necessary for all concerned.
The company through its quality control department is committed to make a follow up on the company's products in all production stages begins with receiving the raw materials up to the delivery of products to the clients.