• We produce all types of resin bonded wheels

  • coated abrasives are manufactured in a wide variety types

Eagleflex Abrasive Co.

The company was established in 1994.
A leading manufacturer of a full range of resin bonded cutting, grinding wheels & Coated Abrasive Products.
Our attention to details and commitment to excellence is reflected in our products.

Quality Excellence

Our commitment to quality extends from the selection of premium raw materials to the final product.

Safety First

We are dedicated to producing wheels that not only perform exceptionally but also adhere to rigorous safety standards.

Industry Leadership

We continuously raise the bar, setting new benchmarks for product performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


Our reputation for reliability is built upon consistent delivery of high-quality products. we understand the needs.

Our distinctiveness in our ideas ..
& this is our Industry

Our products

Canada (1)

EFA Abrasive Wheels

Premium Abrasive Wheels

Flap Discs

Sanding Belts

Fiber Discs


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