Abrasive bonded wheels

Application pictograms

Inox Stainless Steel
Aluminum Non- ferrous metal
Cast Iron

Machine pictograms

Chop saw
Stationary Machine
Petrol Saw
Angel Grinder

Safety in Storage & Use

All cutting and grinding wheels are breakable and it is imperative that users take the appropriate precautions. Abrasive wheels that are damaged, improperly mounted or improperly used are dangerous and can cause serious injuries to any person in the vicinity.

Wheel mounting

Before starting the cutting or grinding operation, the wheel guard must be on correct position and fixed securely on the machine. the wheel guard must be capable of catching broken wheel fragments effectively and capable of withstanding the impact caused by wheel breakage. Only mount the wheel on machines designed for the operation. Never use force when mounting. Always use the mounting flanges supplied with machine and ensure they are clean, never modify them in any way.

Selection of the wheel

Carefully read the information on the Abrasives wheel and make sure that the wheel is suitable for the application and has the correct dimensions. Check that the maximum RPM of the machine does not exceed that of the wheel or is equivalent. Follow any restriction of use and any specific instruction which may be indicated on the wheel or on attached documents.

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